Inspiration for the multipurpose All Blanket (formally the Blockit Blanket)



Baylor University Business School's Innovation Evaluation Program analyzes the commercial potential of inventor's products or idea's through the expertise of in-house experts in marketing, manufacturing, finance, and other fields. The invention or idea is evaluated according to 33 different criteria. They wrote the following after evaluating the All Blanket: 
"The Program found the product's appearance, relative to the competition and/or substitutes, will likely be perceived as superior by consumers".

"Out of over 2500 inventions that have been evaluated by the Center over the last twelve years, the All Blanket scored in the top one-percent"


The idea for the All Blanket came on a cold windy night in West Texas, while attending a college football game.  As always, the majority of football fans were entering the stadium carrying handfuls of blankets, some even carrying sleeping bags.  People were spending a considerable amount of time positioning and then repositioning their blankets before and after taking their seats.  Stuffing blankets up under their legs, attempting to cover their shoulders, and even using the blankets to wrap around their heads like hoods. Every time someone would get out of their seats and then return, the entire process would start over.  Also apparent, were the many couples attempting to share one or even a number of blankets. It seemed to be a never ending chore. 
 It is commonplace at youth and high school sporting events to see parents and players sitting on the sidelines or in the stands, wrestling with small blankets trying to block out the cold wind.  Whether it’s watching 5 year olds or attending pro and college games, if not properly prepared, weather can dramatically affect the comfort of the fans and players.

Most college and professional sports stadiums do not allow the use of umbrellas.  If it is windy, starts to rain, snow, or all three, there’s not many options to remain dry and out of the wind.  The use of ponchos, rain suits, or sheets of clear plastic held over one's head seems to be the norm.  Most blankets just get heavy and wet, plastic sheets are far from ideal, ponchos do little to block out wind, and expensive rain suits are single purpose products.  None of these products totally cover and protect the feet.
Fans paying upwards of $1,000 or more for sporting event tickets need another option. 

There are thousands of parents across the country spending inordinate amounts of time and money so their kids can play youth, select/club, and high school sports.  Most will attempt to watch game after game, no matter the conditions. Many will very disappointedly skip events when the weather makes them uncomfortable. 

Sitting on wet ground during
tailgating parties, outdoor concerts, sporting events, or picnics is always miserable. Although other waterproof picnic blankets are available,
it is difficult to find  one that will seat more than two or three people at a time.  

Finding a true waterproof sleeping bag is next to impossible. Most have multiple needle penetrations which are required to keep the interior insulation in place.  Moisture will eventually seep trough those penetrations.  A typical sleeping bag will get soaked and heavy when used outdoors on wet ground or in a moisture filled tent.
Generally, waterproof bevvy sacks are configured just for mummy sleeping bags.  A bevvy that has room for a traditional rectangular bag is rare.

All the issues above were taken in to account when designing the All Blanket.  It had to be innovative, windproof, waterproof, totally cover the head/torso/feet, easy to carry, offer mobility, attractive appearance, adaptable to handle different conditions, useable when standing/sitting or  in a prone position, large enough to be easily shared, durable, competitively priced, weigh less than 4.5 lbs., and easy to use. Not a simple chore.


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